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NEW RATIONALISED VISA FEE  w.e.f. 01 October 2022

Note 1 -Additional fee of FCFA 2000 (w.e.f. 01 Sept 2017) will be chargeable for all type of visa & OCI Card applications towards ICWF fee.

Note 2 - For emergency Visa, after Consular working hours and/or on holidays, additional fee of FCFA 25,000 is chargeable. Adequate evidence about the nature of emergency is required to be produced.

Note 3 - Fees should be be deposited in the bank account of Embassy after obtaining a bank-advice/deposit-slip from Embassy. Payment by CASH, CREDIT CARD or CHEQUE at Embassy is not accepted.

Note 4 - The consular service should be availed within 30 days of depositing the application fees. Any applicant who visits the Embassy after 30 days of depositing the fees will have to apply fresh and pay again for the consular service. 

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