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Study in India - New Academic Session (2021-22)

Posted on: April 29, 2021 | Back | Print

The Ministry of Education, Government of India has been running the "Study in India" programme since 2018. Registrations are currently on for admissions for the new academic session (2021-22).

To apply for this scholarship, students should have registered with Study In India (SII portal), completed an application on the website www.studyinindia.gov.in and SII-partnered institution. The scholarships are awarded on the following basis:
  • Students should have had a meritorious academic history in his / her secondary school, higher secondary school, and/or the latest educational qualification.
  • Students may appear for the Ind-SAT exam conducted by the SII team across the given list of countries. A merit list would be generated for the second-wave of shortlisting.
  • According to the country-wise allocated quota and other criteria, the final shortlisted will be contacted by the SII team.
Students who have shown interest in applying for the SII scholarship will be given links to apply for the Ind-SAT exam - an assessment test conducted by SII to be used for the initial shortlisting of the candidates. Scholarships are granted for the complete course duration. The student would need to renew the scholarship status for the next academic year, before the scholarship lapses for the current academic year.

For more information, please visit: https://www.studyinindia.gov.in/